Loose folio of risograph and digitally-printed prints & zines in a resealable 14 in. x 20 in. poly bag: a 40-page newsprint broadsheet folio, a 16-page newsprint tabloid folio, a 144-page paperback book, a 16-page risograph zine, a 20-page risograph zine, an 8-page risograph zine, and 6 risograph prints
13 in. x 19 in. assembled/folded
Edition of 175 + 25 APs

ISSUE #3 (Urgentcraft) assembles 18 artists and writers who prioritize maintenance as a form of urgency. Upon receipt, this publication e x p a n d s in the hands of its reader, filling an enormous space with queer feeling. It shapes a landscape that speaks of visibility, of a commitment to pleasure, of kinship networks, of memory, of closely re-written histories, of engaged dialogue, of riptides, of affective space beyond the material, of a failed, imperfect read. Of communal care as a never-ending practice.

arthur katrina—elemental play / if they hurt you, they hurt me too
Autumn Knight—JJ Sunrise/Sunset: Volume 1
Daedalus Li—Entourage 2019 / Daedalus and Their Friends
Kelsey Sucena—About the Ocean
Kirslyn Schell-Smith—She Rearranges the House (2017–ongoing)
Lucas LaRochelle + rudi aker—Boundaries as Invitation, Rather Than Limitation
Olive Godlee—thoughts on not making and its importance in an institutional or capitalistic context that demands unrealistic prolificacy; thoughts on queer futures, alternate family structures and the desire to procreate; thoughts on the inmportance of queer elders; thoughts on lineliness; thoughts on the simultanweous terror and luxury of being planless; thoughts on care in queer relationships; thoughts on the love language acts of service; thoughts on guilt; thoughts on the many roles queer partners fill in for each other; thoughts on making
Parker Bright—Tariq / Elias
Qualeasha Wood—Note to Self . . .
Rin Kim (with Malachi the Moth, Candex Louie, and Bri)—FUTURE PLEASURES
Ron Morrison—Sedimentary Exits: Field Notes for Public Longing
Sheida Soleimani—2 October 2018
Shiv Kotecha—Swim Good
Sophia Le Fraga—Untitled (Pride)
Edited by Paul Soulellis

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