A loose 60-page folio/zine of risograph prints in a yellow poly bag, with a folded newsprint cover wrap
9 in. x 12 in. assembled
Edition of 200 + 10 APs

All throughout the fall and winter of 2020 QAW folks met weekly and designed simple one-hour workshops for all of us to make together, never feeling like work but more like online spaces for care and play, sometimes 5 people or 10 or 15, and then once we got to the new year realized we’d made this beautiful queer archive of work, writing and drawings and images and chats. This 60-page publication—written, designed, and edited collaboratively—is visible evidence of our community and a joyful invitation to join us.

The interior was risograph printed at Queer . Archive . Work and the cover wrap was digitally printed at Newspaper Club. 100 copies launched for free/trade/purchase on February 24, 2021 on the occasion of Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair, and another 100 copies were distributed by the publication’s contributors.

[*****UPDATE QUEER MATTERS is sold out*****]
QUEER MATTERS is available on a sliding scale as follows: for free or trade for Queer, Trans, and/or BIPoC folks, no questions asked. Anything received in exchange will become a permanent addition to the Queer . Archive . Work library in Providence, RI. Institutions, private collectors, and all others may purchase QUEER MATTERS for $45. All funds benefit QAW, a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization. Shipping early March 2021.


Aitana Cantú, Casper, T. Deutch, Jax Erickson, Sel Gerosa, Sara Inacio, Furqan Jawed, nicole killian, David Kim, Sloan Leo, Mel Lopez, Robin N., Kitt Peacock, Cierra Michele Peters, Sal Randolph, Carmen Ribaudo, Kirslyn Schell-Smith, Paul Soulellis, Charlotte Strange, Lauren Stroh, Kelsey Sucena, Hannah Suzanna, Luke Swenson, Zac Thompson, Çaca Yvaire

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