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Providence, RI About

Cai Diluvio

Photo: Khalil Kaba

QAW Resident May 2021

“QAW’s mission and priorities absolutely align with the work I’ve been trying to do for years now, and the community I’ve been so lucky to be a part of. I value liberation, community, healing, innovation, and process. One of the most important facets for me has been independent publishing, free of institution and oppression ... I believe in the power of printing. Especially now, in the age of digital surveillance. We’re going to need to spread vital information, dreams, hope, recipes of resiliency.”

I’m a jungle-born, urban transplant advocating for radical soul recovery through the healing arts, transformative justice, community building, and earth stewardship. Mamu, herbalist, aspiring birthworker, and artist weaving a nexus of forgotten dreams, fragmented pottery, mycelial networks, and plant wisdom. Currently I am assisting in the building of Roots2Empower, a community garden for previously incarcerated folk, a teaching artist at JP KIDS ARTS, part of Tooth & Nail Collective, freelance illustrating and designing, and working on personal projects all while studying herbalism, permaculture, divination, and doulaship. (they/she)

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