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Providence, RI About

Cierra Michele Peters

QAW Resident August 2020

“We believe in the power of printed materials as a way to document our existence, as QTPOC, and to pass that legacy down to those who come after us ... We might humbly place ourselves as archeologists: identifying remains of knowledge left behind by our literary ancestors. Black and brown people who have been disappeared, nowhere to be identified or localized, except in the archives of history. I think about poets and novelists whose work, although original and formative, are lost to those outside of academia.”

Cierra Michele Peters is a Boston-based artist whose practice includes video, sound and durational performance. She works as an artist, dj, and organizer with projects that attempt to examine visual, spatial and sensory representations of blackness. Under the moniker earthaclit, she uses electronic sound and spoken word to foster meaningful conversations around diasporic longings and cultural disruption. Cierra is the co-founder of Print Ain’t Dead, a bookstore and publishing platform for literary and text-based artifacts produced by black, brown and indigineous artists; and supports the revolution at CreateWell, an artist-run grant program for people of color, and the Ujima Project, a democratically-run investment fund.

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