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Providence, RI About

Laila Ibrahim

QAW Resident November 2020

Violet Magic (VM) is a RI-based literary zine founded by BIPOC artists Jayson Rodriguez and Laila Ibrahim, dedicated to creating an accessible publishing outlet for local BIPOC writers ages 13–20.”

Laila is a multimedia Afro Arab artist. She’s the co-founder of Violet Magic, a literary magazine that aims to create an accessible publishing outlet for local BIPOC writers ages 13–20. She recently designed and conducted a research project for KnowledgeWorks examining how the racial ethnic/background of students and teachers affect student-teacher relationships within the classroom. Most of her freelance research work is focused on identifying the characteristics of our societies that are rooted in broader systems of oppression, with the goal of further dismantling them. She is based both in Rhode Island and Cairo, Egypt.┬áHer time spent in Southern New England as daughter of both a revolution and the Nile is spent bridging the gap between her two worlds. She sees art as a means of detangling the true complexity of her intersectionality, while in turn giving space for other creatives of color to exist alongside her in full color.

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