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Providence, RI About

Luis Quintanilla

QAW Resident December 2020

“As I’m typing this, I am experiencing an American narrative that I have never seen in my lifetime, a racial cultural awakening for many where we must ALL be radically inclusive. Now is the time to write / produce / publish works where minority groups are put in the spotlight and glorified the way they deserve to be. Now is the time to produce loud dynamic works that sprinkle glitter on the gritty American experience that black and brown communities have been forced to walk and live. As a proud brown person I am ON FIRE to produce these works.”

Currently a Richmond-based student and designer, Luis Quintanilla reveals narratives through interdisciplinary craft, play, and material exploration. They are most inspired by shinning beacons of personhood, individual expression, and tenderness within our matrices of relationships; they are most curious about the DJing of haptic, cyber, and spiritual, and seek to explore it within their work.

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