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Providence, RI About

Sara Inacio

QAW Resident February 2021

“My current body of work, Held, explores the idea of being kept safe but constrained; the comfort and fear that co-exist in repressing. The work is informed by various forms of holding, being held, caring and loving while simultaneously restricting and obstructing growth. In this work, I have been using images that I have taken of birds being held on various occasions. Reflecting on the feeling of holding a bird, the frailty and lightness, and the fear and vulnerability instilled in both, the holder and the one who’s held, I connect these images with my own experiences.”

Sara Inacio is a Brazilian printmaker and socially engaged artist based in Providence, RI. Sara’s work is about passage; a movement of going through and leaving behind. Their prints, sculptures and installations have a tactile and delicate essence that plays with depth, transparency and non traditional processes that utilize natural materials. Using primarily animal imagery, social interaction and immersive installation spaces, Sara explores the ways in which we hold, carry and let go, and the comfort and fear co-existing in keeping or being kept safe. In their social practice, Sara works collaboratively on dialogue-based projects, collective art-making and social justice prints. They co-founded the Ears and Hands Collective in Portland, ME, and are currently a part of the AS220 Community Printshop collective that is actively creating prints for protests and actions across Providence and beyond.

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