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Providence, RI About

Sloan Leo

QAW Resident September 2020

“My work is informed by Barbara Smith’s work with the Combahee River Collective. Their 1974 Combahee River Collective Statement was an archive-able document that solidified her place and ‘our place’ in feminist and social justice discourse. I’m interested in creatively documenting the way queer community practices are evolving in this moment. With the restrictions of COVID-19 in the U.S. and the civil unrest birthed in our country’s original shame, queers are gathering, building ritual, and sharing in struggle and joy—in new ways. And we must capture this grappling, including the theoretical questions that queer community is building and attempting to metabolize.”

Sloan Leo is a community designer and multidisciplinary artist. Their practice explores modes of self & collective identity construction. As a maker, regardless of medium Sloan’s work often reveals through layers of paper, visuals and sound. Deeply personal and frankly political, each exploration of their craft is intended to offer delight, tenderness and vulnerability to those who the work resonates with. Sloan resides in Bushwick Brooklyn with their marine life quarantine friends, Liz Lemon and Blue Steel.

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