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Çaca Yvaire

QAW Resident October 2020

“It thrills me to see a mission like QAW exists because it opens up a possibility for folks to realize that aesthetic vision precedes political action in the world. QAW makes things accessible, helps make culture accessible. That is the lifeblood of revolt—accessible culture. I am attached to my lifeblood, and I am nothing if not a creature of revolt.”

As an expeditionary sculptor, gift economies developer, and political ecologist devoted to bloodshore praxis and critical planetary action, Hyperion Çaca Yvaire is enamored with one question: What does it take to sustain a celebration of the commons? And so Çaca minds the process of ceremony, aiming to cultivate skills and sharpen awareness in times of climate conflict and disembodied ecogrief. He/Li is an ardent advocate for children’s rights and non-human personhood, which manifests in forging undocumented refugia and carving verse. He\Li has worked in Tasmania, Moloka’i, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia, and across the United States organizing and studying climate change and conflict poetics, climate migration rhetorics, and interspecies cooperative organizational theory and leadership. Çaca defends sovereign lifeways as a consulting Ruinwright at Rx Mahomedrui.

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