Open Call for 2021–22 Residents

Closed May 28, 2021

Sloan Leo, September 2020 resident: “The Queer.Archive.Work residency showed up at such an inflection point in my life—and in our country. Having the space to process through the literal making process gave me access to an entirely new understanding of myself as an artist with a studio practice. The support and the permission to go deep and explore made this one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had as an artist, and as a queer person.”

Work by Nadia Wolff, January 2021 resident

Open studio installation by Sloan Leo, September 2020 resident

Queer.Archive.Work invites artists, writers, poets, activists, and anyone else interested in risograph printing and queer publishing to apply for the second round of the QAW Residency Program, taking place from September 2021 through May 2022. Selected residents receive a cash grant, supplies, resources, and shared access to the QAW/Binch Press Studio in Providence, RI for the completion of their work. Applications for the 2021–22 round closed on May 28, 2021.

Applications will be reviewed by a Rhode Island-based team of artists in June 2021, and applicants will be notified in July 2021. In selecting residents, QAW will prioritize queer methods, radical publishing, and experimentation, as practiced by folks who are traditionally underserved.*

QAW acknowledges the existence of a wide range of intersecting forces that historically produce various burdens and privileges, directly impacting one’s ability to sustain a creative practice, including, but not limited to, student debt, institutional affiliation, race, economic circumstances, gender identity, illness, disability, education access, language and native fluency, immigration status, time constraints, and geographic location. The QAW review team is aware that these and other vectors may play a significant role in how, why, or even if someone is able to access an artist’s residency. A total accounting of these intersecting factors would be impossible, but we hope to shape a more equitable decision-making process by gaining a better understanding of the context within which applicants make their work.

The residency

For the 2021–22 program, QAW will assemble a cohort of 10–15 residents who will share access to the QAW/Binch Press Studio in Providence, RI from September 2021 through May 2022. The residency includes up to 21 days in the studio, which may be used at any time during the nine month period. Days may be consecutive or spread out, or a mix, as needed. Since 2 to 3 residents may share the QAW/Binch Studio at the same time, studio and printer use will be coordinated via a shared calendar.

Included in the residency is access to the QAW risograph printer, library, and all equipment and supplies (inks, papers, paper trimmer, etc.), as well as an unrestricted stipend of $625 awarded directly to the resident, to be used for any purpose that supports their work and/or enables them to access the residency (travel, food, rent, project supplies, etc.). This is a work-only residency (no housing provided). Residents will also have access to shared resources maintained and managed by Binch Press on an as-available basis, including silk-screening, risograph, and letterpress set-ups.

Nadia Wolff, January 2021 resident: “These prints were made during my time at Queer.Archive.Work. Much of this year I have felt paralyzed out of making but during this residency I allowed myself the time to read and converse and ultimately focus on one image/scene/dream with intention. Making this felt like a release in many ways, and excited that I was finally able to put to paper some thoughts about Black femme utopias, alternative imaginations, and the ways that we hold ourselves in love and solidarity.”

Adrian Cato, February 2021 resident (with Sara Inacio)

The studio

This summer, QAW and Binch Press will move into a newly-renovated shared studio at 400 Harris Avenue, Providence, RI (neighbors with The Steel Yard). The 2,200 sq. ft. space enables both orgs and their shared / overlapping communities to benefit from shared knowledge, extensive resources, and a creative, queer-focused co-working environment. The studio is fully accessible by wheelchair and includes 3 risograph printers, large format inkjet printing, silk-screen printing, letterpress printing, the QAW Library, and other tools and supplies for print production. The space also features a large garage door that enables the studio to open onto the street for distribution, events, and other public-facing programming.

Our new studio! 400 Harris Ave., Providence, RI

New studio, interior. Moving in May–June 2021.

New studio, interior. Moving in May–June 2021.

Who should apply

Cierra Michele Peters (right), August 2020 resident

Work by Luis Quintanilla, December 2020 resident

Queer.Archive.Work strongly encourages applications from artists, writers, poets, activists, researchers, and/or others who don’t necessarily identify with these terms. There are no expectations about how the residency will be used, which could include a combination of creative making, work, rest, research, or any other activities. Although the QAW residency experience is centered on the risograph printer, we welcome anyone with an interest in experimental publishing and the distribution of ideas, regardless of printing experience. We believe in the risograph printer as a tool of empowerment, especially for those who are committed to ongoing movements towards liberation and justice. In our selection process, the QAW review team prioritizes folks who identify as Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, POC, Disabled, Immigrant, and/or any other intersecting positions that are historically oppressed, underserved, and minoritized.

QAW will also prioritize applications based in Rhode Island, although folks from other locations are welcomed to apply and will be considered. Because QAW is unable to provide housing or a suitable enough travel/housing stipend for participants in our residency program, out-of-state applicants should be prepared, if selected, to carry additional responsibilities associated with travel and housing.

Special residencies

Applicants with special interests in education, digital publishing, and library/archival research may be considered for the following special residencies—
  • Education Residency—co-sponsored by School One/Write Rhode Island. The selected RI-based resident will enjoy all QAW residency benefits; in addition, they will work with School One and Write Rhode Island high school students on a collaborative project. Includes additional stipend and resources.

  • Remote Residencies—up to 2 QAW residents will be selected for online residencies. These will be entirely remote and open to folks based in any geographic location, providing access to the QAW website and the opportunity to create and publish digital art, research, or anything else. Total stipend: $500.

  • Library Residency—for folks who would like to focus their residency on the QAW Library, Download Library, and/or Tool Sharing Library. Total stipend: $625.

Work by Demario Dotson, March 2021 resident

Work by Sara Inacio, February 2021 resident (with Adrian Cato)

Work by Sara Inacio, February 2021 resident (with Adrian Cato)

Selection process

In our first year, Edwige Charlot’s thought leadership and extensive experience in artistic community development was crucial in the creation of our residency evaluation process. QAW benefited from a new, strategic framework for equitable review that was shaped through Edwige’s expertise and guidance, in collaboration with the team, and this framework continues to be instrumental to QAW as we evolve.

2021/22 Review Team
Edwige Charlot, Adam Chuong, Dana Heng, Paul Soulellis, Dailen Williams

2020/21 Review Team
Edwige Charlot, Nora Khan, Paul Soulellis, David Kim

Sara Inacio, February 2021 resident

Artists-in-Residence 2020–21

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